Carpets that bounce back

Our commercial carpets and luxury vinyl tiles are designed for busy offices and commercial buildings.

They are engineered for high traffic applications and building managers save
by not replacing flooring “so-soon”.

Industrial carpets often get replaced within 5 years because they are:

  • The wrong grade of flooring for commercial use
  • Damaged in multiple places
  • Well-worn, with a “foot path” to the exit door

Our industrial carpets are produced in an ISO14001 certified facility and classified as Class 33 Heavy Commercial Use (EN1307). We offer a 12-year wear guarantee.

Favourite Carpet Collections


Fine lines cut through blank spaces. Beautiful geometric structures emerge with fascinating symmetry. 


Seamless transitions flow between brights and neutrals. Select your favorite bright to infuse even more colour.

Nordic Stories – premium

Inspired by earth’s extremes and modern Scandinavian design.

Northward Bound – premium

Inspired by snow covered landscapes with richly textured glacial layers.

It’s time to rethink how we use carpeting

1. Modular carpet tiles become seamless carpets

Our technologically advanced carpeting uses high-performance carpet tiles that lay perfectly flat. They appear as seamless as a wall-to-wall carpet or large rug.

2. No-dent Cushion backing means our carpets last a long time.

When you move furniture, the carpet will bounce back, so that dents don’t spoil the carpet’s beauty.

The life span of our carpets is an average 10 – 30 years, depending on the range and how well you maintain the carpet.

3. No-Glue installation means that the carpet can be relocated

TractionBack® is a water-based coating in place of glue. It reduces floor prep and keeps the carpet securely in place. The carpet can easily be moved to a different building if needed and becomes a portable asset.

4. Stop Throw-Away thinking

Our carpets are made with regenerated nylon fibre, which comes from fishing line that’s recovered from the ocean and recycled. (It is stronger than the polyethylene fibre which most carpets use.)

Our carpets last much longer, even in heavy traffic situations.

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Commercial and Industrial Flooring Solutions

Modular Carpets

Industrial carpets that use the latest technology to retain their appearance and functionality in heavy-duty situations, so that you don’t need to keep replacing carpets.

Entrance Flooring

All businesses need entrance solutions that employ fitted / loose-lay mats in various zones. It’s an essential, low-cost measure to protect your flooring investment.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Made to the same levels of quality and durability as the carpet range. Perfect for kitchens and pause areas that are high drip-and-wipe zones.

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Completed Projects

Mercedes-Benz Showroom – Sandton

Our three-zone barrier mat solution features sound absorbing properties that reduce noise from people moving through the entrance. It also improves the air quality by removing dust and pollen from shoes before people enter the building.

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Werksman’s Attorneys – Johannesburg

Dark grey carpeting was chosen for this prestigious office. The carpeting is seamlessly inset at the exterior and interior of the revolving door entrance. The carpeting complements the beautiful reception hall.

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